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Guided Learning

Dig in!
Here you will find, Spirit-led study guides that help you:
1.  LEARN more about Jesus & the Scriptures
2.  REFLECT on what you're reading & watching.
3.  APPLY  what you are learning. 
Consider yourself invited to get to know and follow Jesus! 

Go for it!  We're confident that you will experience something so rewarding if you accept the invitation!

There are two options for taking the next step in your learning journey. 


Fill out the form to have a PDF of the study guide delivered right to your inbox each week. 


This page and link will be posted with the videos each week and be an easy-to-reach tab on the website, so you can come by anytime and grab the study you want. 

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Guides on Demand

Click the series graphic to access a PDF Study guide for each episode in that series

The Happiness Reset Series Graphic
The Why Series Graphic
The Saved for what Series Graphic

Hey there, Bible enthusiasts! 📚 Are you passionate about diving deep into the Word and helping others do the same? Join the YJJ study-guide team and let's make a real impact together!

We're searching for individuals who love studying the Bible and enjoy working with a small, dedicated team. If you have a knack for developing engaging study materials or love dreaming up creative ways to help people learn, we want to hear from you!

But that's not all – if you're a graphic design wizard and want to use your talents to bring our study guides to life, we'd be thrilled to have you on board too! 🎨✨

Of course, we're open to other ideas too! If you have a different skill set or a unique perspective on how you could contribute to this important ministry, we're all ears. Let's connect and discuss how you can play a vital role in Join The Journey Church.

Join our team, and together we'll empower others to deepen their understanding of God's Word and grow in their faith journey. Drop a comment below, send us a DM, or tag someone who might be a perfect fit! 🙌 Let's make a difference and impact lives together!

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