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The day we say goodbye

Updated: May 9, 2023

Today is July 31, 2022, and it's the day we're saying goodbye. As I write this, my wife Kaila walks by and says, "No, not goodbye, it's farewell." She's right.

After 5 years in Pullman, Washington we are taking a big leap of faith. A leap of faith that involves listening to God, trusting His leading, and calling and going.

But that adventure hasn't started yet. That's next week. Today and the rest of this week is now. And now is another week of farewells, hugs, tears, fond memories, and great stories of ministry, people, fishing, house building, bed building and so much more.

This evening we'll gather at a park with friends from church, from blessing beds, from the community, and spend time together. In all honesty, I am looking forward to it. Not the sad goodbye parts, but the hugs and memories evoked by each person. It's been a truly amazing season here in Pullman and it's pretty surreal to realize in just a couple of weeks I won't be "from" here anymore. But not being "from" here can't take away what grew here. A deep love for so many of God's people. Wonderful friendships that will be with us until our last days. Memories. So many good memories. Hard memories too. Those are easier to leave behind. But the blessings, the goodness of God, the goodness of our relationships here all exceedingly outweigh the hard things.

So tonight we go and say "farewell", "see you later", but there will certainly be some goodbyes.

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I’m a little saddened that we didn’t get a chance to spend more time with you Thad. It was pure joy and a blessing to have met you. Such a small world to meet someone who arrived in Pullman the same year as our family, and share the same names as our boys (Brycen + Noah).

I definitely understand when God says go. I will enjoy reading about your journey friend. Many blessings 🙏🏽



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