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Updated: Sep 26, 2023

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For the last week or so we've been staying in a very remote area between Haines Alaska and Haines Junction Yukon. We were up well above the tree line surrounded by gravel and permafrost.

full time rv life

Not the prettiest description but trust me when you see it you'll probably fall in love

with it the way we did! Truly breathtaking views in every direction that change as the sun travels across the sky from East to West.

Thad and Kaila DeBuhr

From this base camp, we set out to explore the surrounding lakes, glacial cirques, and mountain streams. It was on one of these day trips that we found the place we wanted to explore and try and film lesson #9 about giving. It was a very unique location. Very high up a rugged mountain slope, we spied a road. Something normal in other places but we were in an area where there simply weren't roads off the main paved path in any direction. No cell service for hundreds of miles and no roads.

Steep mountain side near Haines Alaska

After some recon and research, we learned that it was a very old road that had been punched in and up to get equipment in to drill and explore the terrain for precious metals. The expense required to get equipment to this site would have been tremendous and even more so to actually build the road. Near the top, we discovered the ruins of an old mining scene. Wooden buildings were smashed and ravaged by the heavy snow and ice that pressed them into the earth season after season. And it was here in these ruins that I couldn't help but think about the great lengths people are willing to go to in the pursuit of wealth. No mountain too big, no job too hard or harsh. If there's a dream of a fortune on the other end people will do the most amazing and hard things one can imagine.

Old mining road near haines alaska

Mining ruins near haines alaska

Mininig ruins near haines alaska

But generosity on the other hand is seldom pursued with such abandonment. It's more of an afterthought for most. If we had some extra left over to give we might. But rarely do we hear about people who strive to give away as much as we hear about how hard people strive to get more. And the type of generous people we do hear about tend to come off as too flashy, too loud, too attention-seeking. "Look at me! Do you see what I gave to this homeless person!" as they post their good deeds on social media.

This phenomenon of giving so others see how generous you are is nothing new. In fact, it was so prevalent in Jesus' day that this topic demanded a good bit of time in His famous Sermon on the Mount.

And that is what we have in store for you near the top of this high mountain road, standing amongst the ruins of that old mining scene. What Jesus wanted his audience to know about HOW they should give. It's the same lesson for you today. How you give matters far more than what you give.

mine tailings near old mine site

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery in this one it's truly amazing. I also pushed my little drone well beyond its designed limits to get some shots near the top of this mountain which are some of my favorite views I've ever laid eyes on. And thankfully the drone made its way back!

Drone shot of mountains near alaska border

Remember there is a study guide to go along with this episode - be sure to get that and dig in deeper this week. Click the link below to watch the full episode!

Enjoy a few more looks behind the scenes.

Honda Ruckus Scooters near Haines SUmmit

Honda Ruckus Scooter

Riding the highway with Honda Ruckus

Highway from Haines Junction to Haines Alaska

Mountain top in the clouds

Three guardsmen near Haines Alaska

Riding honda ruckus scooter back to camp

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